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b2s is one of the world’s leading event organizations, specialized in hard electronic dance music. The company was founded in 2001 and has grown consistently since then. The core business is the organization and promotion of Hardstule and Hardcore events, but Techno, Industrial, Oldschool and Jump concepts are also part of the strong b2s portfolio. In total, b2s had 17 different concepts and they attract 160.000 visitors a year. The most famous concepts are Decibel outdoor festival, which sells out over 50.000 tickets in one hour. Hard Bass, the big indoor stadium concept of b2s and off course the concept with its own crazy freestyle circus called Pussy lounge.

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Decibel outdoor festival, which is sold out every year, was launched in 2002. The first edition, with four small areas, took place near Rotterdam. After 3 years Decibel moved to Lingebos near Gorinchem but settled permanently at Beekse Bergen close to Tilburg in 2006. The festival grounds are located at a beautiful waterfront with small beaches, wooded areas and cozy little spots to create the ultimate festival feeling. Decibel has grown to include 13 areas showcasing tried and true concepts from the b2s portfolio, such as Pussy lounge, Euphoria, back2school, Loudness and Hardcore4life.

Since 2011, there’s also the opportunity to book a complete Decibel weekend. Visitors can stay the whole weekend from Friday until Monday at the Beekse Bergen Resort & Campsite. During their stay visitors can enjoy all the luxury facilities the park has to offer and have amazing time with friends and other Decibel visitors. Besides that, b2s organizes a stunning Pre Party, a Night Party on Saturday evening and a crazy After Party on Sunday. All of these featuring an army of headline artists. The Decibel weekend is an amazing experience and is exclusive for the diehard fans that booked the complete package. The capacity for the Decibel weekend is more than 10,000 visitors.

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Hard Bass first took place at a small club venue in Rotterdam in 2001. It quickly expanded and the event has been held in locations like the Statenhal in The Hague, the SilverDome in Zoetermeer,the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. Nowadays Hard Bass is held once a year in a completely sold out GelreDome in Arnhem. And it sells out all 27.500 tickets in only 1 day. Hardstyle dominates the stadium for ten hours with music selected by sixteen DJ’s and acts, divided in four carefully selected formations.

The past few years a growing number of visitors from abroad have found their way to Hard Bass. Fans from Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Great-Britain travel many hours to experience that Hard Bass feeling making Hard Bass a perfect concept to go abroad. The look and feel of the stage is based around technical elements, combined with a lot of show elements, such as lasers, video shows, comet flames and fireworks.

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Thrillogy is the hard dance event where 3 artists, each with their own style, host their own area. They decide which other artists perform and are featured in their area. Thrillogy was organized for the first time in the Brabanthallen Den Bosch in 2007 with DJ’s The Prophet, Ruthless and Neophyte.

In 2011 Thrillogy moved and settled in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Thrillogy is a unique concept with 3 solo performances under one roof. These three artists play for eight hours straight at their own area and they take the stage with an arsenal of befriended artists who have been important for their musical career.
2013: Frontliner, Partyraiser, Adaro
2012: Zatox, Crypsis and Mad Dog
2011: Headhunterz, B-Front and Promo
2010: Noisecontrollers, Isaac and Nosferatu
2009: D-Block & S-te-Fan, Dana and Evil Activities
2008: Zany, Charly Lownoise & Paul Elstak
2007: The Prophet, Ruthless and Neophyte

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Pussy lounge is one of the longest runnning concepts of b2s. The soft erotic styled event was organized for the first time in 1997. Pussy lounge is one of the best-known club concepts of b2s and took place in locations such as Central Studios Utrecht, the Matrixx in Nijmegen and 013 in Tilburg. The always sold out events are packed with madness, happiness and good music, where the DJ plays what the audience wants. The freestyle music is a mix of the popular harder styles in dance music.

After a lot of success and always sold out club events b2s decided to organize an outdoor edition of Pussy lounge, called Pussy lounge at the Park. It took place for the first time at the Asterdplas in Breda in 2011 and sold out in record time. The concept was even more popular than anyone could imagine!

Nowadays Pussy lounge has its home base 2 times a year; one outdoor edition in Breda and one indoor edition in Sports arena Ahoy Rotterdam. Besides that, Pussy lounge is also the biggest hosting stage at Decibel outdoor festival and has done several other hostings in the past.
Once a year there is a special and exclusive New Years edition at the Central Studios, Utrecht.

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Knock Out! first took place as a new Hardstyle event at the SilverDome in Zoetermeer in 2009 and moved to the renovated sports arena Ahoy Rotterdam in 2013. The Knock Out! formula guarantees high-quality and innovative line-ups and its characteristic “underground” atmosphere. In addition, Knock Out is a battle concept between popular artists where they can be creative in a highly creative way.

The sports arena Ahoy is famous for its grand acoustics and superb sound. Knock Out! will return each year to Rotterdam where it attracts 10,000 visitors.

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Known for the intensity of sound for the Raw Hardcore style, Loudness has been going twice a year since 2003 in Maassilo, Rotterdam and Klokgebouw, Eindhoven. With a typical event size of over 10,000 per event and average age of 18-24years, this event is among the more popular hardcore events in The Netherlands.

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One of the oldest Hardcore events, Hardcore4life has been dominating the Hardcore and Industrial Hardcore arena since 2001. You will find this event happening 1 time per year with a capacity of over 4,000 visitors per event and age ranges from 18-26years.

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“Serious Excitement Marked by Extraordinary”, Euphoria has been under the b2s flag since 2007. Known for it’s Hardcore style, this event reigns 3 times per year with a capacity of over 8,000 visitors per event and an average age of 18-24years.

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Since 1998 back2school has given life to the early Rave, Oldschool and Hardcore classics. This event is held once a year on Christmas Eve with a capacity of over 3,500 visitors per event and an average age of 18-28years.

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Project Hardcore #PH is the mainstream in Hardcore concept. Since 2002 this Hardcore event can be found once a year in Klokgebouw, Eindhoven with a capacity of over 5,000 visitors per event and an average age of 18-24years.

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More b2s Events


Industrial hardcore and Terror

A more underground concept which is aimed at the harder sides of Hardcore, such as music genres Industrial and terror.



On Decibel outdoor festival is also a techno stage present under the concept name Reactor.


Jump and Tek

Started in 2005 when “Jump/Tek” was getting more popular in the Netherlands.
Nowadays a permanent area at Decibel outdoor festival.

Drop the Bass

Drum’n Bass

Concept created for a new smaller area at Decibel outdoor festival and is aimed at experimental styles like Dubstep,
Trap and Drum ‘n Bass’



The Hard techno and Schranz concept of b2s, with an own area at Decibel outdoor festival.


Early Hardstyle

The Early Hardstyle concept of the b2s portfolio.